In September 2014, Loadstar Capital released OwnersBook, Japan's first real estate crowdfunding platform. Since then, Loadstar Group has operated a business model in which the funds invested by an unspecified number of investors through OwnersBook via the Internet are invested in loans with real estate mortgages. The unique feature of this model is that it allows individual investors to participate in real estate investment with as little as 10,000 yen. 


In August 2018, we released a new "equity-type" product, offering a completely new approach to real estate investment in Japan. The "equity-type" transaction in OwnersBook is an online real estate investment in which the proceeds of the offering is ultimately used to purchase a real estate trust beneficial interest (together with a non-recourse loan). The rental income and profit/loss from the sale of the real estate trust beneficial interest is distributed to investors. This kind of investment product is only offered by Loadstar Group in Japan.


Our team includes a number of experienced members who have built careers on the front lines of the real estate finance industry, including licensed real estate appraisers. All of the properties listed in OwnersBook are carefully selected by these professionals. In the years to come, we will further expand our product lineup, offering individual investors the chance to further invest in high quality transactions that would also satisfy institutional investors, even with a little amount of money. We are aiming to lower the barriers among investors.