“OwnersBook" – the platform that opens up the real estate investment market, traditionally dominated for institutional investors, to individual investors.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds online from a large number of people. Loadstar Group offers "OwnersBook," the crowdfunding platform that specializes in real estate investment.

“OwnersBook" is a new type of investment service that enables individual investors to participate in real estate investments, previously targeted for institutional investors.

■Types of Product

“OwnersBook" offers two types of investment products: Loan-type and Equity-type.


:Loan type:
In the loan-type product, we raise funds from individual investors through crowdfunding, and provide loans, mainly using real estate as collateral, to companies that want to borrow money. The average yield is around 3% to 5% (annualized rate).

(Image of the Loan-type product)


:Equity type:
As for the equity-type product, we collect funds from investors through crowdfunding and acquire real estate trust beneficial interests or equity interests through a special purpose company (SPC). The dividend source for investors will be rental income and gain or loss on sale of the real estate. The first project we conducted in Japan achieved IRR (internal rate of return) of more than 22%.

(Image of the Equity-type product)