SDGs Initiatives

In September 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core, was unanimously adopted at the United Nations Summit.

The SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, aim to achieve a sustainable society where "no one is left behind" by the year 2030. The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets to achieve a balanced society in terms of social, economic, and environmental aspects.

To achieve this goal, close communication among governments, companies, and local communities in both developed and developing countries is highly expected.

Top Message

Our company name “Loadstar Capital” was inspired by the North Star, a star that continues to shine brightly at a fixed point.

In the real estate industry, subject to economic fluctuations, we hope to continue shining at a fixed position like the North Star regardless of the ups and downs of the economy.

In order to keep shining even in difficult times, we must make ourselves indispensable in society. To this end, since foundation of the company, we have always placed the utmost importance on earning the trust of our stakeholders.

Based on this belief, we have set forth a mission stating, "Real Estate × Tech to Open Up a New Market", and we are exploring new possibilities in the real estate investment business by leveraging IT and expertise of our executives and employees.


In recent years, the world has seen a growing sense of crisis regarding the sustainability of humankind, including climate change, human rights issues, and COVID-19, thereby accelerating international movement on these social issues. Japan is facing a wide range of challenges, including natural disasters, the aging society with the declining birthrate, labor shortages, and concerns about asset management. In the real estate investment industry, we are also experiencing challenges that only a few major players with abundant funds have dominated the market.

We believe that taking on new challenges, while responding sincerely to these issues and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society, is in line with our company's spirit, and this will also drive sustainable growth for the company.


As a leading real estate tech company specializing in real estate, finance, and IT, we strive to work honestly and sincerely to help solve social issues and achieve the SDGs.

Social Issues and Our Business

In the Corporate Funding Business, we use our expertise to add value to properties, which have been abandoned and undervalued on the market, so that they can be revalued once again and become more liquid.


In the Crowdfunding Business, we provide "OwnersBook," a crowdfunding service that specializes in real estate.

"OwnersBook" is Japan's first crowdfunding platform that specializes in real estate investment, enabling individual investors to invest in properties selected by professionals with smaller amounts of money from 10,000 yen. This will contribute to the stabilization of the real estate investment by opening up the market, traditionally dominated by institutional investors, to individual investors as a new real estate investment market.


And, of course, it is our executives and employees who work closely with external stakeholders to drive these businesses forward. Since its founding, the Loadstar Group has prioritized creating an environment where all executives and employees can work enthusiastically for their professional growth. For this reason, we have supported employees to pursue their personal growth both within and outside the company and have promoted a healthy and comfortable working environment.


The Group will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, aiming for sustainable development in society, economy, and environment.

The Group’s ESG Initiatives and Related SDGs


Relevant SDGs

★Promoting Environmental Activities

・Reducing CO2 emissions by switching the source of electricity used for the owned real estates to renewable energy sources
・In some offices, using carpets made of 100% recycled nylon yarn from carpet waste materials and ghost nets such as fishing nets

★Promoting Sustainable Urbanization
・Increasing the value of real estate abandoned on the market

・Participating in cleanup activities and "Chuo City Green Adopt Program" based in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, where our head office is located


★Promoting Nondiscrimination Rules
・Implemented the internal rules regarding diverse family lifestyle

★Realizing Productive Employment and Reasonable Treatment
・Guarantee equal pay for equal work

★Promoting Healthy and Diverse Workstyles

・Establishment of the Health Committee
・Improvement in regular health checkup ratio
・Covering some expenses paid for the use of welfare programs, such as housekeeping services, etc.
・Introducing various leave systems
・Introducing staggered working hours
・Promoting senior employment (the retirement age of 66, and encouraging continued employment)
・Promoting diverse workstyles
・Conducting recruitment regardless of nationality
・Supporting clubs/activities to promote internal communication

★Supporting Self-Improvement and Skill Development of Executives and Employees
・Compensating expenses for book purchase and participation in various training programs/seminars
・Paying for the cost of taking and renewing certification exams

Innovative and Sustainable Infrastructure Development through the Use of Technology
Running “OwnersBook” that allows individuals to invest in the real estates, traditionally accessible only to professionals, with amounts of money from 10,000 yen
Creating a society where individuals can thrive, with participating in “OwnersBook”
Contributing to the stabilization and revitalization of the real estate investment market through “OwnersBook”

Strengthening Governance
Offering compliance training, and workshops held by each department as needed

The SDGs Promotion System of Loadstar Group

The Loadstar Group has established the "SDGs Promotion Committee" since 2021, aiming for active discussion of the SDGs promotion for the entire group. In the SDG Promotion Committee, we seek to identify social issues that should be tackled by the Group as a whole, while creating an environment in which all executives and employees can work enthusiastically and pursue their personal growth.

The Committee plans, devises, and discusses details of SDGs promotion measures, and then, submits the proposals and reports to the Board of Directors.


Guided by the Group's philosophy of "respecting self-motivation and independence of individuals," "recognizing diverse perspectives," and "utilizing individual strengths,” the SDGs Promotion Committee accepts only self-nominated candidates for its chairperson and members.

Moreover, we have established a system that enables the members, who voluntarily run for the Committee regardless of their job titles, to consider fully new SDGs measures, etc., based on their various perspectives and to work closely with the relevant departments. By doing this, the Loadstar Group responds quickly to changes in the social environment, thereby aiming to further enhance our corporate value and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.